Our Team

Our incredibly talented team will always be at your service. Founded by five extremely qualifies individuals, IT Development Online is now a leading name in IT business consultancy. All five are business graduates and professionally compatible to understand the IT sector with an observant eye towards changing industry practices. Having studied from Spain, France and Italy, all five members have thorough knowledge of the Asian Market, which helps our clients to develop their IT products and penetrate to Europe.
Apart from the five founders, we at IT Development Online also work with numerous advisors. These advisers are expert in their respective fields i.e. Finance, Marketing and engineering. Our advisers provide you expert advice about development specific business areas, managing your finances, looking into your management, and our advisors make sure your journey to business growth in smooth.
Our winning team currently comprises of 20 employees. All of our workers contribute nothing less than their best to our clients’ business. Our entire team including out staff, advisors, and partners are integral to our success.